Dan and Tabitha Newborn have created Newborn Ministries to reignite passion in the body of Christ. Their mission is to reignite this passion by empowering, equipping, and preparing  the body through worship and the Word. They believe that this passion is a fire that should be spreading throughout all believers regardless of denomination or ” church bylaws.”  This is about unity in the body of Christ, this is about walls coming down, this is about laboring together for the sake of Christ and the Kingdom of God. This fire should be growing in intensity inside of us all as we ready ourselves for the coming of the King. It’s about relationship, it’s about intimacy…a heart of worship and service.  The Newborns are dedicating their ministry to see this passion…this  fire… consume the body of Christ.

One thought on “Home

  1. Dear beloved in christ greetings to you in the matchless name ofour LORD and saviour JESUS CHRIST.this is sonice to come to know more abouy you and uour ministry.this is SOLOMON from india.doing ministry among the tribals who were living middle of the thock forest..iam doing ministry since 15years.they were all illitarates .some ofthem practicing witchcrafters and idol worshippers.some people accept JESUS as their personal saviour.we planted 5churches among them..i would like to affiliate with your minidtry.kindly accept our humble reqest..sincerely in CHRIST..slolomon from ondia.

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